Global Mind Consulting (GMC) offers a diversified line of services through 6 key trades:

Assistance in Public Relations

Our public relations support is to

  • Building a positive image for companies, institutions and public figures
  • Establish a relationship of trust with the different target audiences.

With a perfect knowledge of the media landscape, a network of international experts and journalists and modern methods, we are a strategic intermediary between the client and his environment.

Global Mind Consulting Gabon

Program development and management of your relationships press (preparation and follow-up)

Global Mind Consulting Gabon

Management and preparation of public speeches.

Crisis communication

No one anticipates a crisis, but it is possible to anticipate and plan for the management of unexpected events. Our team, specialised in crisis communication, develops processes of anticipation and crisis management, offers a rigorous analysis of the situation and develops an adapted communication plan.

We also offer crisis management training, media training, reputation management, development and implementation of an action plan

Representation of business and lobbying

Global Mind Consulting Designs and implements personalized lobbying strategies according to the needs of each customer. From the mapping of stakeholders, to the organization of meetings with the different actors, to the definition of the elements of speeches, we accompany our clients throughout the process of creating a climate of trust between the Companies and public policy makers through lobbying based on expertise and reliability.

Global Mind Consulting Gabon


Global Mind Consulting Gabon

Organization of targeted events and training.

Organization of events and targeted training

We take care of the organization of quality events for our clients: Forums, large annual meetings, training Sessions, product launches, Pregallerys, galas etc.

We are working to offer you, through these events, innovative platforms allowing you to capture the attention of the target audiences and achieve your goals.

Positioning of the brand and media strategy

Brand positioning is a key issue in a company's brand image. That is why we offer campaigns that allow our customers to improve the image of the company, to extend their visibility and eventually increase their turnover. We are working on the development of strong, catchy and relevant messages that we broadcast on the most coherent and adapted channels

Information and promotion campaign

We design custom tools of control and follow-up of your communications activities.

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